Personal Trainer London

When you first begin a session with a personal trainer in London you should ensure that you come to the session properly prepared. Taking a bottle of water or as some prefer a bottle of sports drink can help to keep your thirst quenched and will ensure you stay hydrated throughout your routine. Most importantly bring the right attitude to your sessions. Coming with a “I cannot do it” or “How many more reps?” kind of attitude won’t endear you to your trainer and certainly won’t help you to get your best results.

Next you should ensure that you are your personal trainer spend time warming up. This is to make sure that your muscles are properly warm before beginning your training. Don’t forget there are many types of stretches from static to the more favoured dynamic warm-up exercises. The warm up should precede your personal training session and will need to be sufficient to get the heart rate up and should be designed to work all the major muscle groups.

For most people who undertake personal training they will be wanting to improve their fitness whilst toning and buring some body fat. This means that your personal trainer in London will focus on a range of interval style training circuits and depending upon your abilities may also include tabata style routines. These are great for fat-burning and may help to increase your fitness results in a much quicker time thn traditional exercise routines.

Your personal trainer may give you a range of exercises you can perform for your tabata training including walk-outs, squats and kettlebells swings. You should expect your sessions to be very intense and it is important that you work at the correct intensity. Not working hard enough may mean that you don’t see quite the results you would hope for. Your personal trainer will certainly encourage and push you but it’s important that you also push yourself and try to give your best efforts.

Your personal trainer will of course want to tackle your nutritional intake. Whilst you may think you have it under control chances are your diet could probably benefit from being looked over by your personal trainer. So take time to keep a food diary that you can show to your London personal trainer. They can give you ideas of what you’re doing that’s good and where they can help you to improve.